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Lighting plays a critical role in retail environments, from illuminating spaces and boosting productivity to easing customer navigation and showcasing merchandise. Effective lighting often goes unnoticed but can positively impact customer experience and brand perception.

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Illuminate with enhanced colour

We provide many leading high street brands with lighting upgrades and maintenance, taking care to maintain consistency in colour rendering to emphasize product colour and texture, while maximising sustainable energy reductions. All areas are incorporated to optimise sales and operational efficiency.

Our experienced engineers can replace or repair failed luminaires in a single store or provide comprehensive maintenance services across your estate. We maintain traditional technologies as well as LED and warranty against early failure.

We have a reputation for delivering outstanding service, whether it’s a redesign of your existing system, or creating a new one. Placing your brand in the best light will create loyal customers that grow your business.

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Over 20 years experience as a trusted partner to clients throughout the UK and Europe.


Creating bespoke lighting solutions that deliver better light quality, lower energy consumption and reduce costs.


A reputation for excellence built upon industry insight, technical expertise and outstanding customer service.

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