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The Challenge

When businesses invest in LED lighting, they are investing in enhanced light output and sustainable energy savings. While LED does deliver significant benefits when compared to traditional lighting technologies, LED is not for life and its performance does deteriorate over time. In recent years, Challenger has supported an increasing number of clients with LED system maintenance and upgrades, guaranteeing they continue to enjoy the benefits LED offers.

Challenger were called upon to upgrade the LED system at the branch of a national company in Plymouth (one of many currently being upgraded with luminaires manufactured, not assembled, in the UK). The site featured a variety of different environments, including office, retail, warehouse, and outdoor spaces, each with specific requirements. The client had selected the LED luminaires it wished to use and engaged Challenger to complete the installation.

Old lighting in distribution centre

The Outcome

Challenger only use their own engineers and do not use subcontractors, allowing total control over the quality and safety of all installation projects. Given the site is open to members of the public, works were completed outside of trading hours to eliminate the need to interrupt business operations. Two teams worked throughout the night, coordinating with each other to undertake the installation between close of business one day and the opening of business the next. Specialist insurance cover was put in place to enable us to do this without the need to employ additional security resource.

The LED upgrade involved the replacement of 198 luminaires of varying types, including LED panels, floodlights, battens and linear fittings and was completed over 5 consecutive nights. Challenger’s specialist equipment was utilised to ensure strict safety protocols were followed at all times.

The benefits to the customer were significant, with a 73% reduction in annual electricity usage and a reduction in annual electricity costs from £11,535.05 to just £3,168.30. As part of the Challenger service, a free health check was undertaken within 28 days of installation to ensure there was no early failures and a subsequent check was made after 6 months to check lux meter readings to lighting levels remained as they should.

Updated lighting in distribution centre
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