The Data

Annual Energy Saving (£)


Total Circuit Saving (Watts)


Annual Carbon Saving (Tons)


The Challenge

The introduction of LED has transformed industrial environments by delivering enhanced quality, uniformity and efficiency to lighting systems. Large areas where production or logistics activities take place must be well lit to promote accuracy and safety.

Founded in 1818, GEA Pharma is one of the world’s largest process technology, solutions, and services providers. The business is active in a wide variety of demanding industries, including food, chemical, pharma, farming and marine and it continues to lead the way in delivering excellence and innovation to its clients.

The precision engineering activities GEA undertakes at its site in Eastleigh require lighting that delivers high output and improved colour rendering. GEA is also passionate about sustainability and sets itself challenging energy reduction targets and KPIs each year, so energy efficiency was another essential feature of the new lighting system.

The Outcome

A detailed analysis and evaluation of the existing lighting system led to Challenger selecting LED Low Bay 185W luminaires to replace fixtures currently utilising CMH lamps operating a circuit wattage of 440W each. The energy reduction per individual luminaire was therefore 255W, increasing to 17,340W when spread across the total circuit.

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