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Our business is built upon developing trusted partnerships. Our clients have confidence in our expertise to design, install and maintain their lighting system, enabling them to focus on their business safe in the knowledge they have an innovative and highly efficient solution in place.

We constantly monitor the market to ensure we are abreast of what innovations are available and which will deliver the best solution. However, sometimes the latest innovation isn’t the best solution. We believe passionately in reducing waste and promote a circular economy wherever possible. If a luminaire can be repaired, our engineers will replace the relevant components to extend its life. Similarly, if LED doesn’t represent the best option, we will recommend a traditional technology that better meets your lighting needs. We understand innovation brings significant benefits, such as Xicato’s 10 Year guarantee on its high performing LED COBs, or switching to lithium batteries in EML units for enhanced safety and energy reduction.

When we maintain systems, not only will we oversee the lighting fixtures to guarantee optimal performance, but our engineers will also tend to other minor repairs they encounter, whether directly related or not. We don’t engage sub-contractors, so every person you work with is part of the Challenger team and works to the same high standards.

Our IT systems brings our partnership even closer together, providing our engineers with the ability to update actions immediately and giving you shared access so system performance can be monitored around the clock and immediate notification given should any issues need attention.

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