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Technology is a key driver behind what we do at Challenger, whether it’s sourcing the latest products for a new lighting system or developing improved IT systems to track and record its performance. We’re always looking for ways to improve our services by investing in innovative solutions that drive cost and energy efficiencies.

It starts with the products. LEDs are constantly evolving, as manufacturers find ways to improve performance, increase lifetime, and enhance efficiency. We carefully evaluate products to manage their integration into our solutions offer to maintain a realistic transition away from traditional lighting products. Availability of components for LED products, which can often be scarce, is another consideration in product selection.

Developments in technology have enabled us to develop a proprietary IT system capable of controlling installed systems and being tailored to an individual client. Our engineers can immediately record any maintenance activity on site using smart phones, providing clients with real-time data on their system performance and contributing to time and cost savings. The system is driven from our head office and available around the clock, allowing clients to interrogate their system performance and make informed investment decisions whenever convenient.

The integration of Bluetooth technology into system design delivers significant benefits to both financial and energy considerations. Bluetooth has an ideal combination of features suited to lighting control and developments in the performance of many lighting components and their integration into intelligent LED luminaires provides opportunities to drive efficiencies. Smart controls for lighting systems changes they way lighting systems are maintained, by increasing the useful life of luminaires, improving energy efficiency and reducing waste.

Beyond our core lighting services, we are investing in technology to enable us to support existing clients with other energy saving initiatives, including the equipment and expertise to maintain the pods needed to charge electric vehicles. New developments within lighting also require investment in technology and we continue to progress our capabilities to support growth in the use of LED within the horticulture sector.

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