Promoting sustainable practices

At Challenger we approach every project with the objective of delivering the optimal lighting solution while minimising the environmental impact. We employ comprehensive waste and energy conservation practices that involve everyone in the business and extend to all areas of operations.

To secure the best energy savings available and provide clients with optimal lighting solutions, we target the conversion of luminaires using traditional technologies, such as CMH, to LED. We actively engage manufacturers to design LED fittings that can be easily serviced using components that are readily available and cost-effective. Our supply chain principles centre on having strong availability of spares, promoting the repair and continued use of luminaires instead of replacing and scrapping them. Technology also plays a critical role in increasing energy efficiency while enhancing luminaire performance, whether it’s integrated drivers that extend the life of components, or Bluetooth beacons that improve intelligence gathering and reporting.

The diverse nature of our activities results in the production of general waste and recyclable materials, but also hazardous waste in the form of fluorescent tubes, lamps and batteries. We adopt the ‘best practicable environmental option’ when engaging in waste management, always choosing to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover as opposed to disposal to landfill. We adhere to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and comply with the requirements of the WEEE regulations where materials cannot be recycled ourselves.

We take responsibility for managing the full life cycle of products and embrace the principles of the circular economy in our approach to waste management. Placing greater emphasis on product design helps proactively manage waste and encouraging their sustainable consumption keeps them in active use for longer.

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